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Finding your freelance tax number (Steuernummer)
Finding your freelance tax number (Steuernummer)

How to read the tax office letter in which you receive your freelance tax number after registering as a freelancer

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When you are not a German native speaker, the tax office letters from the german tax office can be hard to understand. In this guide you will find explanations about the tax number letter you will receive from the tax office after registering as a freelancer.

Your tax number and profession

In this paragraph the tax office informs you about your freelance tax number and your profession.

Your freelance tax number:

This tax number applies for the three main tax reports freelancers need to submit yearly to the tax office:

Note for married couples:

When you are married, you will receive two letters with two different tax numbers. The two letters will point out which tax number to use for which report.

  1. Tax number for your freelance business for EÜR & VAT

  2. Tax number for your income tax declaration (this tax number will also apply to your spouse)

You can decide if you want to submit a joint income tax declaration when submitting your tax reports at the end of the year.

Your profession:

Your freelance job title is also communicated by the tax office in this letter. This will be needed when you submit your tax reports to the tax office.

Your personal tax ID:

Your personal tax ID (Steueridentifikationsnummer) won’t change. In the future you should always use your freelance tax number and your personal tax ID when contacting the tax office.

Advance VAT declaration

This part is not applicable for freelancers registered as Kleinunternehmer.

In this paragraph the tax office informs you about the reporting rhythm for the advance VAT declaration. In this case the tax office informed the freelancer that the advance VAT declaration should be submitted monthly, but depending on your estimated income the reporting rhythm can also be quarterly.

Learn more about VAT and who has to submit advance declarations in our guide “Value Added Tax (VAT)” and how to change your reporting period on Sorted in our guide “Changing the reporting period of your advance VAT declaration”.

Payments to the tax office

In the last paragraph the tax office explains how to submit payments to the tax office.

For future payments to the tax office always use the reference:

  1. Tax number

  2. Tax type

  3. Payment period

You can also apply for a direct debit mandate at your local tax office. You can find this form in the download section of your local tax office.

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