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Travelling to work

How to expense your daily commute by car or public transportation?

Written by Fanny Silheres
Updated over a week ago

Commuting cost is often a daily expense for most of us, and gladly it is also deductible. πŸ˜ƒΒ 

Public transportation

Commuting to your workplace with public transportation is fully deductible.
This includes trains, buses and taxis.Β 

How to prove this?

Keep the receipts that you receive. All public transportation methods should provide receipts.

What if I have a monthly / yearly transportation ticket?

In case that this is your main commuting method, the ticket can be fully deducted.

Driving with your private car to work

You can deduct the expenses incurred by driving to work with your privately owned car (ie the car is not owned by the business in this case).
The deduction amount is based on the distance from your workplace to your home, and you can calculate it by multiplying the distance by 0.3€ for every day during which you drove to work with your car.
​For example, if your home is 20km away from your workplace, and you worked for total of 250 days during the year, you will be able to deduct 20*0.3*250 = 1500€.

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