19% VAT

This is the standard VAT rate in Germany. By default, all of the services and goods in Germany are taxed with 19% VAT.

7% VAT

Common cases that are subject to reduced 7% VAT rate:

  • Newspapers, magazines and books

  • Services under copyright protection. e.g. copyrighted texts, graphics, images, newspaper articles, screen designs, web texts, brochures, logos.

  • Admission to theatres, concerts and museums

  • Performances by performing artists, at film, circus, theatre shows and concerts

  • Passenger transport 

  • Handmade works of art (without involved computer power)

  • Take away food

  • Some food and drinks

  • Flowers for decorative use

0% VAT

Common cases that are not subject to VAT:

  • Sale of real estate

  • Letting and leasing of real estate

  • Medical and nursing services

This documents covers the common cases for freelancers, but it's not complete.
For the full list, please refer to this official document.

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